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Employee Retention; Executive & Key Person  Benefits

Maintaining the growth and profitability of an extremely competitive business, while attracting as well as retaining qualified executives, key persons, and quality employees who assist in the growth and profitability of your business model can be challenging.

83% of employees rank benefits as very significant when considering an employment decision 2 out of 3 employees are confident in having enough savings for a comfortable retirement. Only 23% are very confident.


The US tax reform law, (aka) Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has made adjustments to the tax treatment of top executives pay, and certain types of compensation arrangements and benefits that are subject to limits on tax deductibility - IRS Code Section 162(M)

When it comes to your overall employee benefits package(s) at Delington Financial & Insurance Services our business development strategist will focus on value-added guidance by supporting your Human Resource department in developing a system that attracts, rewards, and retains quality executives, key people, and employees., in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. 

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International Travel

Health Insurance

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Today's business travels connected to traveling outside of the United States, and within the boundaries of International Travel has its challenges. In spite of international crises, or government regulations, global tourism as well as international business, student, and leisure travel remains on course.


As an extra precaution, international and domestic business owners-employees travelers are protecting themselves on a short or long-term basis with effective international travel insurance benefits that provide a sense of security and support.

In general, International Travel- Health Insurance plans are designed to provide cost-effective protection and peace of mind, for those unforeseen urgent care, emergency medical needs, or earlier evacuation issues, and additional benefits and support that may not be offered with your primary insurance during your international travels. ​


  • Comprehensive, employer-sponsored group health insurance for internationally assigned employees

  • Life, dental, and daily indemnity coverage

  • Full group takeover and replacement provision

  • COBRA and HIPAA like options

  • Enhanced benefit option for U.S.-based employers

  • Coverage for non-U.S. residents traveling to the USA

Business Planning

Buy-Sell Agreements

When the owner of a business dies, the business's financial stability depends on how well the business has prepared for a transition of ownership. As a result, heirs continue to look forward to ongoing financial security.  When there is no formal buy-sell agreement in place, challenging events can cause unpleasant circumstances. 

At Delington Financial & Insurance Services, our Business Planning Division will help ensure stability during your business transition and propose a strategy that will prevent heirs from having to run or sell your business after the owner passes.

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By proposing and implementing one of the three types of buy-sell agreements, your plan ensures an orderly transition, while alleviating possible disagreements over the true-value of your business. 

Consequently, your heirs receive needed cash benefits, and a surviving owner is assured that the heirs or a non-qualified stranger will not become a fixture in your business's future. 


In general, a buy-sell agreement is a legally binding agreement that records the terms and conditions regarding the future sale of your business interest, while strengthening the continuity of ownership and management. 

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CalSavers is a California State mandated  retirement plan tha is being phased  in over 3  years in June of 2020 . All employers are mandated to offer a retirement plan or join the CalSavers plan.  Employers must have to put a plan in place  or face fines up to $750 per W-2 employee.  Employers with 5 employees or  more (part-time) included must have a plan in place by June 2022. 

Most clients are not a fan of CalSavers because they dont want their retirement funds tied to any state program They point to the viablity of Social Security and CALPERS as reasons for concern.  Your company can put its own plan in place to satisfy the CalSavers mandate.. We work with a team that would love to show you how we can help do that in  a super economical way that would benefit your company as the employer, your team members, and perhaps, carve out special benefits for your executive team.

  • We offer low cost solutions to meet the CalState mandate  retirement plan

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