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Medicare Advantage - Medicare Supplements- Prescription Drug Plans &  Benefits Support 


What you need to know. 

When turning 65 or becomming Medicare Insurance eligible, comes the complexities of gaining a better understanding of Original Medicare's Parts A (Hospital)  & Medicare's Part B (Medical) benefits,in addtion to the enrollment periods, late enrollment penalties, and the numerous supplemental Part C & Part D options available to you in the industry today.

At this stage in your life of reaching this milestone,it is essential that you  become aware of and more familiar with Medicarre's enrollment periods in addition to several life-time, late enrollment penalties to you want to avoid:

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Medicare Enrollment Periods

Medicare Initial Enrollment Period: (IEP)

The new to Medicare, Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is a 7-month period that begins three months before your 65th birthday, your birthday month and three months after, or,in the case of a disability recepient  Medicare eligibility begins three months before your 24th month of receiving disability payments. Iand includes,the 3 months after to be eligible for your Medicare Parrt A & Part B Insurance Card. 

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period: (AEP)

This is the time of the year, that takes place from October 15th - December 7th of each year. For those  who are enrolled into a Medicare Advantage plan, you have the opiton to review and compare your current benefits.  AEP also allows you change your Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plan without being denied an enrollment into a new plan.Changes made during this period are effective January 1st of the following year. 

Medicare Late Enrollment Penalties  

Medicare Part B- Late Enrollment Penalty:

This Is a lifetime payment penalty that is attached to your Part B monthly premium. Your Part B late enrollment penalty is based on a (10%) calculation that considers the number of full to 12-month periods you could have enrolled in Medicare Part B but did not when you were initailly eligible or did not enroll in Medicare Part B before the designated deadline expired.  

Part D- (Prescription Coverage) Late Enrollment Penalty: 

The late enrollment penalty (if applicable)  is a calculated percentage amount based on the total months that you went without credible prescription drug coverage, and is a penalty that iincreses annlually and is permanently added to your Medicare drug coverage (Part D) premium.or billed seperately. 

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The Power to Compare Your Options - The Freedom To Choose- -Above & Beyond -Exceptional Support You Deserve 

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At Delington Financial and Insurance Services, we are annually trained and certified Medicare Insurance Brokers,who specialize in identifying sustainable economical solutions,while providing value-added guidance, above and beyond benefits support, aligned with Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement & Medicare Prescription Drug plans, for turning 65 - new to Medicare- eligible members and Medi-Cal (Share of Cost) enrollees.

With so many Medicare insurance benefit changes taking place each year,in regard to; Medicare Part C; Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements,and Prescription Drug (PDP) benefits,along with Medi-Cal (Share of Cost) options; you can rest assured that our independent Medicare Insurance brokers will have the knowledge, experiance and available rescources to address your concerns and questions,with an exceptional llifetime service of "Above and Beyond" benefits support. 

Part D- (Prescription Coverage) Late Enrollment Penalty: 

We are hired by the insurance carrier you select to enroll in,and provided a service-fee from that carrier to guide and support you as your broker on reord. 

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