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               RETIREMENT                 INCOME PLANNING 

                    Individual Guidance - Exclusive Strategies - Measurable Results                               


The upkeep cost and property taxes of your current home at full-retirement? 

Having a low  vs. a high mortage payment that can prevent you from adding to your retirement nest egg, during full retirement. 

Paying for unexpected healthcare or the need for long-term care during your retirement years

Addressing life's unexpected expense events, e.g. house, car repairs

Being prepared for the rising health concerns of the nations pension plan crisis.

How the impact of  potential cost of living -inflation and tax rates increases, will have on your overall retirement savings.

The proper retirement savings asset allocation -for an effective withdrawal plan strategy.

The possibility  that your planned retirement date may have you retiring to soon, due to increasing life expectancies

If you are saving enough money to  have a comfortable and independent life during your retirement years.

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What is Your Vision For Your Retirement Years? 

We'll help  you stay on course with your retirement income savings plan.

Are you Retirement Ready? 


An effective financial plan is extremely important in order to create and maintain the retirement lifestyle  you've worked years, saved  and planned for. 

A plan will provide protection for  you and your spouse while guiding and helping you reach your goals.  

A plan will allow you to face your retirement future with confidence and guide you in making adjustments when it is necessary

Planning for a retirement that will enable you to live comfortably throughout your retirement years, can become challenging when it comes to key-critical retirement risks that could possibly impact your financial security and independence if left unattended.

As people are living longer,while considering your retirement age, health, and skill set which might prevent you from doing so, will you be able to rely on returning back to work, throughout your retirement years if you need to? 

Building a Better Tomorrow Our Process 

At Delington Financial and Insurance Services, our process begins with a comprehensive examination, and detailed evaluation of your current financial health.   By concentrating on securing your retirement planning goals, our focus will remain on securing the annual income requirements you plan to have throughout retirement, as we address and help you monitor: the present and future effects of increasing tax rates and how those rates can affect your monthly retirement income, inflated cost of living which can affect your retirement savings purchasing power, as well as proactively preparing you for a potential unexpected repair expenses, health and long-term care expenses in order to help you avoid depleting your retirement savings.

By working together with our retirement income planning consultant, you'll have access to value-added resources that you may not currently have available to you.

In addition, as life changes, we’ll remain committed to working with you every step of the way, by helping you address your personal retirement planning challenges so you can continue to strengthen and maintain your independence aligned with your present and future retirement  savings financial foundation. 

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Our Experianced Consultants Offer Planning For Life Solutions 
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Life Insurance - Financial Foundation Planning 

College Funding 

Retirement (Tax-Free) Savings Options  

Accident, and Disability Protection 

Estate Planning 

Business Succession P


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We'll Help You
Balance your short and long term goals
Protect your family from potential life changing issues. 
Ensure you dont outlive your retirement income
Leave a legacy for your loved ones, a charity or organization you support.


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