" "Your wholesome smile-can be an excellent sign of good health" 

Studies have shown Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Failure, and Oral Cancer are linked to bad oral hygiene. 


Consistent dental care is vital to your personal overall health.  At Delington Financial and Insurance Services we are passionate about helping individuals, families, and employers help their employees maintain a healthy smile. 

Delington Financial & Insurance Services makes it simple by providing you with a wide variety of budget-friendly dental insurance options to choose from.   


By working with a Delington consultant you will not only benefit from our outstanding customer service but will also benefit from the partnerships we have formed with many of the nation's top leading Dental Insurance and Dental Discount Plan carriers. Delta Dental, Nationwide, Renaissance Dental, and Careington Discount

Our PPO and HMO dental insurance portfolio offers affordable dental insurance options with an extensive provider network and friendly staff. 

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Health Insurance 

Research shows that 66.5 percent of all bankruptcies were tied to non-insurance medical issues either because of high costs for care or loss of income from time off from work.

What's Ahead For The Health Insurance Industry?


Massive changes to our medical, hospital, and physician care costs in the health insurance industry are on the horizon. As a result, medical networks, along with hospitals, physicians, specialists, pharmacies, and health insurance carriers are adjusting their platforms and coverages accordingly.

Indemnity Insurance

Work hand in hand with your health insurance plan. In the event of a long-term hospital stay, due to an accident, illness, or disability, Indemnity  Insurance policies are designed to provide an injured party reimbursement (percentage) of their out of pocket health and living expenses. 

Delington's Commitment 


With the rising cost of health care along with the constant changes taking place in the industry, we continue to build on current relationships with key managed care organizations who thrive to develop effective support systems and health insurance plans that aim to reduce the cost of providing risk management health care insurance, so consumers can have the ability to maintain and improve their quality of health care in the best cost-effective manner possible. 

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