Edward Allen: MBA - Founder


Office Phone: (310) 377 - 1470

Since 2005, as an independent broker, Mr. Allen has specialized in identifying and providing exclusive, sustainable, and effective financial and insurance solutions when helping individuals, families, and business owners, reach their overall goals and objectives.

As a result, he is known for utilizing an efficient consultation, along with an effective educational and team-based approach.  When helping those he serves, his objective is to provide a platform that allows for gaining a thorough understanding of suitable industry related options of interest, parallel with addressing; financial and insurance risk management, effective life insurance strategy design, comprehensive employer-employee benefits development, pre and post retirement income planning with the adoption of establishing (tax free income) preservation strategies.


With well over a decade of experience, Mr. Allen founded Delington Financial & Insurance Services in 2015. As an independent brokerage firm, Delington’ s business model thrives to stay on course by offering a myriad of efficient, economical and effective solution-based options that coincide with delivering a quality service designed to exceed your expectations. In the interim of providing value- added guidance he remains committed to stay on course with his industry related educational requirements, hard work, and a post client advocacy support. Prior to establishing Delington, he focused on presenting effective educational workshops parallel to Medicare Insurance, Life Insurance, and Retirement Income Planning.

Recognized by his peers as a leading professional specialist, he upholds the characteristics of an ethical consultant who relies on significant abilities within the realm of coherent listening skills, cognitive reasoning, strategic planning and researching capabilities. Accordingly, he has a passion for expanding his industry related knowledge, on topics that are in alignment with

Delington’s portfolio of products and services in addition to completing his required annual training and certification courses established by the State of California Department of Insurance.

During his earlier years, as an independent broker, his educational accomplishments include earning dual bachelor’s degrees from the University of Phoenix: in Business Management and Business Administration, as well as earning a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Originally from the Mid-West, born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he is the second oldest of six siblings. After graduation from high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and honorably served with the 1st Marine Air Wing Division, in Tustin and El Toro, California, Okinawa Japan, and on the aircraft carrier, -USS Pelilu; during the Beirut Lebanon conflict.

In addition, to reaching his goal of becoming a socially responsible business owner, who proactively focuses on the objectives of those he is fortunate and honored to serve, his primary goal is to help make a difference in the lives of those he provides service for, while bringing to the forefront the need to address financial and insurance strategic illiteracy through educational workshops structured to build financial & insurance skill sets that will help maintain ones’ financial independence, security and peace of mind.

He currently resides in the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Calf. License# OE94802