Planning for a retirement that enables you to live comfortably throughout your retirement years, can become challenging when it comes to key-critical retirement risks that could possibly impact your financial security and independence.  As people are living longer, because of your retirement age, health, and skill set which might prevent you from doing so, you really can’t rely on continuing to work, through your retirement.

In order to live a comfortable independent life during your retirement the standard “rule of thumb” is that you’ll need to save at minimum - 75 to 85 percent of your pre-retirement annual income.  As a result, the amount of your retirement savings should be in the range of 10 to 12 times the amount of your current annual pre-retirement income. 

When it comes to your retirement years, at Delington Financial and Insurance Services, "your best interest is our best strategy".  Our process begins with a comprehensive examination that includes a detailed evaluation of your current financial health, with a concentration on securing your retirement planning goals,  establishing retirement (Tax-Free) income, and providing you guidance on how you can build and maintain a stronger financial foundation with sustainable financial fitness strategies every step of the way.  

Retirement Planning Analysis 

Retirement planning is a decision-making process that includes establishing short as well as long-term strategies to help you reach and or maintain your retirement planning goals and objectives.  


 Whether you are planning for your retirement or if you are already retired, through a detailed examination of your current financial health, we’ll provide you with an exclusive comprehensive evaluation easy to understand analysis designed to address your key pre and post-retirement challenges while measuring the effects of increasing tax rates,  the rising cost of goods and services,  long-term care expenses and the probability of outliving your retirement savings.  With sound guidance and solutions,  our Financial Planning Consultants will help you advert key critical risks, every step of the way.  

Your path to financial stability during retirement is as unique as you are. However, implementing a financially sound retirement plan that allows for adjustments along the way, in the areas of money management and budgeting is essential when it comes to maintaining your financial independence, retirement lifestyle, and peace of mind. 

Establishing a formal written retirement plan allows you to monitor, adjust, and become more focused on reaching and maintaining your retirement planning goals. 

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