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When life events change and you need to protect the people you love, your financial future, your business ....and what you value most.

Health Insurance

In spite of the rising cost of health care and constant changes in the health insurance industry, at Delington we believe in and continue to associate our firm with key managed care organizations who thrive to develop efficient and effective service systems and health insurance plans that aim to reduce the cost of providing financial risk management health insurance to consumers so you'll have the ability to maintain and improve on the quality of  health care in the best cost-effective manner possible.

Medicare Advantage 

With the milestone reaching the age of 65, and or becoming Medicare insurance eligible, come the complexities of gaining a better understanding of how original Medicare A & B, health insurance works in connection with the numerous Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Drug plan options available in the industry today.

As independent brokers, we are annually trained and certified in 99% of the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD'S). 


At no cost or obligation; we are able to assist you with: reviewing your current benefits as well as providing you the ability to compare new plans while giving you the freedom to choose benefits that will best fit your needs.



    Indemnity Plans 

AFLAC Indemnity plans are insurance policies designed to reimburse or compensate an individual, or family members for an inccured hospital or medical expense, by restoring that individual's finanical condition they enjoyed prior to experiencing an unforeseen accident or a major illness. 

Under the wage protection of an indemnity insurance  agreement, if an insured experiences an unforeseen accident or illness where he or she is unable to continue to work in order to maintain their regular earned wages and lifesytle while recovering,, the injured or ill party would be able to recieve a percentage level of income protection; by being indemnified / reimbursed for a qualified medical or hospital expense due to a qualified accident or illness

Protecting your income, is essential to protecting your lifestyle.

Business Employer Employee Benefits 

In an extremely competitive market…when it comes to attracting and retaining quality employees your employee benefits package is essential. 

As an independent brokerage firm, our team-basd approach specializes in evaluating employee benefit structures with the goal of identifying and presenting sustainable solutions that are designed to strategically improve your bottom line.

Consequently, your focus can remain on attracting and retaining  key employees, who are responsible for helping  you with your  business expansion and profitably. 

Dental & Vision

A  deficiency in regular oral and vision care visits can result in grave health altering side effects. Furthermore, irregular dentist or eye doctor visits can increase the risk of potential respiratory, cardiovascular, diabetic or vision-related diseases.

We offer a variety of options that can be customized to fit your personal and financial needs, which include but not limited to: affordable -full coverage dental plans, with unlimited coverage, no waiting periods, as well as vision discount plans that offer extended service networks.  

Medicare Supplements 

Medicare Supplements are significantly different types of insurance plans and also referred to as (Medigap) insurance policies.  Keep in mind, Original Medicare does not cover the cost associated with copayments, coinsurance or the annual deductible associated with the original Medicare A&B plan benefits. Overall, Medicare Supplements (Medigap) plans are designed to help pay for some or all of those costs, and depending on the Medigap plan of choice can help cover 100% of the Hospital and Medical expenses incurred.

Today’s Medicare supplemental options, in addition to comprehensive stand-alone prescription drug plans availailbe in the industry today, offer you the option to choose budget friendly benefits that will help you in covering your hospital, medical, doctors and prescriptions share of cost. 

International Travel Health Insurance

International Travel- Health Insurance plans are designed to provide  substantial protection and peace of mind, for those unforeseen urgent care, emergency medical needs, or earlier evacuation issues and more.


If you are planning to travel as a foreign national, a student, a marine captain, or a crew member, an international facilitator, business executive, an overseas employer, a missionary or a sports enthusiast, or just going on an extended overseas vaction, International Travel-Health Insurance can fill in gaps, while covering you for unforeseen accidents or illnesses, should the need arise.


Our experiance in this field, allows us to address your specific concerns and questions, relative to your international travel-health insurance needs, while helping you reach your objective in obtaining medical coverage without boundries.

Business Funding 

When a company has a financial need that requires a short-term funding objective, a business line of credit (LOC) offers a resource of funds your business can have on hand and use on an as-needed basis. 

Whether you require a business line of credit, or have a need for equipment financing or a leasing option, at Delington (at no additional cost to you) from start to finish; we’ll research the best streamline lending process and present you with the most cost-effective lending resources available to you, so you can focus your efforts on operating and building a successful business.

Life Insurance

Although the standard objective for a life insurance policy is to provide financial protection against a significant financial loss; Life Insurance is also considered a unique financial planning; risk management tool when properly structured  e.g  can develope a safe high-performance retirement planning, college funding financial strategy. 


Whether your choice for protecting  or planing your life is Term, Whole Life or an Indexed Universal Life policy …investing in the appropriate Life insurance strategy that fits your budget may be one of the best decisions you’ll make to help you  build a long-lasting legacy while strengthening you and or your loved one’s financial foundation  

Long Term Care Insurance

Studies show people are now livng longer,. As a result, more than 70 percent of the aging demographic of 65 and over, at one point in thier lifetiime will need some type of long-term care. 


Given the increasing cost of home care, nursing facilities, etc..not having  a long term care policy / strategy in place, can have a major finanical and emotional impact  on you or your loved ones’ peace of mind. 

You may never need LTC protection …but if you did, how will it affect you? your family? your children?or your adult children, your spouse, or your finances?  

Our team of trusted experianced professionals are able to design an efficient and effective plan or strategy  through Medi-Cal planning, Estate Planning or with a Long Term Care alternative option. 

Retirement Income Planning

Building a solid  retirement  foundation that maintains a lifetime of income, independence and financial security, should eventually be your primary retirement planning goal. 


Most importantly, implementing an appropriately structured, well-diversified and consistent perfomanced based plan, depends entirely on how well you structure your resources.


However, your strategy only works, based on how committed you are in reevaluating and adjusting your plan accordingly, either on a semi-annual or annual basis, in order to ensure that your retirement plan strategy stays on course.


Our approach to retirement planning, compliments  successful measures, with efficient and effective guidance....but most importanlty with your best interest in mind.

Business Executive  Benefits 

Key Person Life  Insurance; is a life insurance  strategy when properly structured  can protect a growing – profitable business from potential financial setbacks caused by the death of a key employee responsible for helping with the growth, profitability and overall success of  your company.

 Business Succession Plans are designed with  with one key reason, for implementing  for example a business owners exit strategy, which ensures a smooth transition for the owner(s) by protecting the business as they transition from work to retirement. 

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