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Get Reimbursed for qualified Out-Of-Pocket Health Insurance Expenses
due to an unexpected accident, illness or disability

Generally, when an unexpected accident, illness or disability occurs, your expenses fall into two categories:

Performing Surgery


Your Major Medical Insurance – normally pays their share of cost of e.g., 80% of usual and customary charges of your hospital and medical bill, once you’ve covered your annual deductible and copays. It also pays your impatient hospital stay, primary care physician, surgeon, anesthesia, radiologist, prescribed medication, nursing, etc.


Usually 80% of all medical costs / You pay the remaining 20%

Brick House


You or Your Family pays, with its own financial resources or with a direct cash benefits from a properly structured indemnity insurance policy, the following out-of-pocket expenses: Travel expenses, lodging, meals, childcare, special diets, home care, hospice, in addition to your fixed – monthly household expenses like mortgage/rent, utilities, food, car payments, etc., at a time of diminished earning power.


100% of all costs outside of direct medical bills

Protecting your paycheck, and or your families lifestyle from the significant expense

 from a long-term accident or illness, disability, cancer treatment or an extended hospital stay is essential to protecting your overall financial foundation. 


When it comes to Indemnity Insurance options, you can trust that a Delington Financial & Insurance consultant, will have your best interest in mind, while structuring a Indemnity Insurance strategy exclusively designed for protecting you and your loved ones from the cost of a long-term accident or illness that has the potential of keeping you from being able to work and earn a regular pay-check.  

If you are off of work for an extended period of time

How long could you go without your regular paycheck?  

How would you or your family meet monthly expenses and ongoing bills?

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