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Have you Planed For Your Financial Success? 

How We Can Help

  • Our Planning Process Includes: 

  • Inital No-Cost - No Obligation Consultation 

  • Net-Worth - Cash Flow-Statement

  • Monthly Budget and Expense Analysis

  • Pre-Retirement - Retirement Income Gap Analysis 

  • Portfolio Risk Level Analysis  

  • Taxable vs. Non Taxable  Retirement Assets Evaluation 

  • Projected  Federal & State Tax Rates Tracking 

  • Retirement Income Withdrawal Order Assessment  

  • Required Minimum Distribution Tracking Analysis 

  • Pension Plan Evaluation 

  • Life Insurance - Death Benefit Analysis 

  • Social Security Calculation

  • Long Term Care -Expense Estimates 

  • Beneficiary Tracker - Statement 

Planting a Plant


1. A plan will help you better understand how  your retirement savings will help you reach your retirement planning goals & objectives. 

2. A plan will provide you the option to adapt your retirement income to life changes. 

3. A plan will allow you to retire on your own terms. 

Planning for a retirement that will enable you to live comfortably throughout your retirement years, can become challenging when it comes to key-critical retirement risks that could possibly impact your financial security and independence if left unattended.  As people are living longer, because of your retirement age, health, and skill set which might prevent you from doing so, you really can’t rely on continuing to work, throughout your retirement years.

Our Process 

At Delington Financial and Insurance Services, our process begins with a comprehensive examination, and detailed evaluation of your current financial health.   By concentrating on securing your retirement planning goals, our focus will remain on securing the annual income requirements you plan to have throughout retirement, as we address and help you monitor: the present and future effects of increasing tax rates and how those rates can affect your monthly retirement income, inflated cost of living which can affect your retirement savings purchasing power, as well as proactively prepare you for a potential unexpected long-term care expense in order to avoid depleting your retirement savings. 

In addition, as life changes, we’ll remain committed to working with you every step of the way, by helping you address your personal retirement planning challenges with value-added guidance, so you can continue to strengthen and maintain your independence aligned with your present and future retirement financial foundation. 

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We're not financial planners, we're life planners. We don't just invest, we coach you to prepare for the future. 

Using our discovery process, we work with you to build an appropriate plan that supports your objectives , then monitor it ot help you stay on track. 

Investment advisory services offered through Triliogy Capital (TC), a Registered Investment Advisor. TC markets advisory servicess under the name of Trilogy Financial (TF), and affliated but seperate legal entity. Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. TC and TF are seperate entities from LPL..

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  • Client Focused - Wealth Mangement 

  • Strategies For Your Wealth Management Needs  

  • Assessing Your Needs

  • Preparing Your Plan

  • Implementing and Monitoring 

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