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Medicare Insurance (Part C & Medi-Gap) Supplements; Additional Benefits

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

As we approach Medicare’s annual enrollment period which begins Oct 15th—Dec 7th 2021, keep in mind if your healthcare, and or prescription drugs needs have changed, this is the time of the year where you can review other options and make changes that fit your current needs accordingly.

With that in mind, when it comes to additional benefits that Original Medicare A&B insurance (red, white and blue) card, does not cover, e.g., Dental Care, Eye Exams, Dentures, Acupuncture, Hearing Aids, Hearing Exams, and Routine Foot Exam, \ and much more. A majority of Medicare Part C Advantage (HMO) plans will offer eye exams, eye wear allowances, hearing exams and hearing aid financial assistance. More so, some Advantage plans may also offer transportation, no-cost gym memberships, chiropractic and/or acupuncture, over the Counter benefits, podiatry, basic dental, denture assistance and much more.

Each private insurance company has their own set of additional benefits for each of their plans. In addition, and depending on your service area (aka) zip-code; each of the Medicare Advantage plans are aligned with a medical groups designated networks of doctors, hospitals, urgent care centers, and specialist who are structured by an appointed Medical Group (s) to work together as a team to provide you with a coordinated (same-network) of care platform.

When it comes to Medicare Supplements (aka) Medi-Gap plans; Plan F (Fabulous), Plan G (Great) and Plan N (Nice) - are now providing more additional benefits. Nevertheless, be aware that some Supplement plans may only provide a straight Plan F or G or N, with NO added benefits, whereas a Medi-Gap Plan F Extra or G Extra, WILL offer added benefits, but the monthly premium may be lower or higher depending on your age.

So how do you know what extra benefits you are entitled to, what is covered, and where to go to receive your plans additional services?

1. Each year your Insurance Company will send you an Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) for your specific plan. Inside you will see a listing of changes, services, and their copays for the current and following year.

2. You can also request an Evidence of Coverage (EOC) from your insurance carrier which explains in detailed your covered hospital and medical benefits and to what extent those benefits are covered. Be advised this is a fairly significant (large) booklet with detailed benefits information that can be emailed to you as a PDF or mailed to you directly at your request.

3. You can also consider calling the Member Services number located on the back of your insurance card or contact your appointed Medical Group and they can either verbally assist you, email or mail you detailed information on your added benefits. They can also help you figure out if your doctor or dentist is in the network and covered by your plan.

Nevertheless, you’re more than welcomed to contact our office for a Free no obligation consultation.


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