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The right blend of Financial and Insurance Solutions 



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Agent  and Client Meeting

Financial, Insurance and Business solutions coupled wth financial risk management; identifies, analyzes, and strategically prepares you for a potential financial loss with regard to life's uncertainties, by proactively taking the appropriate steps to protect, insure and or mitigate the probability of a significant financial loss that could possibly become financially damaging to you, your loved ones or what matters most. 

Life isn't stagnant and things change all the time: personal health, family dynamics, retirement concerns, business matters, even economic environments.  At Delington, our Financial and Insurance Consultants can help you find the right blend of financial and insurance solutions by researching and proposing an exclusively designed financial or insurance solution  that appropriatley fits your needs while advancing your interests, is why Delington Financial & Insurance Services offers a comprehensive blend of financial & insurance solutions.  

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Patient and Dentist

Dental Insurance

         Dental Insurance        Dental Discount Plans

Parents and Chidren Portraite

Health Insurance

Individual & Family (Off-Exchange)

Medical Team Reviewing Chart

Indemnity Insurance

Accident & Illness, Hospital, Cancer, Disability Plans

Family Unwrapping Gift

Life Insurance

Term -Whole Life & Permanent (Cash Value Building) Strategies

Senior Couple Scrapbooking


Medicare Supplement -MAPD,

Medi-Cal (Share of Cost) & Prescription Drug  Plans.

Grandfather with Grandson Picking Fruit

Retirement Planning

Comprehensive Planning Analysis

Female  Nurse Making a Bed

Long Term Care Insurance

Alternative Long Term Care Insurance Options

Business Staff  Meeting

Business Development

Executive, Key Person & Employee Retention Benefits,

Int. Travel Health Insurance,

Business Buy Sell Agreements

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At Delington Financial & Insurance Services, we rely on strategic planning with A-Rated financially strong partnerships, who consider a wide variety of  open-minded provisions, that  financially protects or indemnifies our clients who experience a potential loss from various perils of risk. 
So, you can build, protect, and preserve, your independence,  with a peace of mind for what matters to you most.  

Mother, Father, Child at the Beach

Plan for the Predictable

so you can Prepare for Life's Unexpected Events

with the right blend of Financial, Insurance,or Business Related Solutions"

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