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With so many choices and uncertainty regarding Original Medicare Part A (Hospital Benefits) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) along with Medi-Cal (Share of Cost) options; rest assured that a Delington Financial and Insurance Service-Medicare and Medi-Cal (Share of Cost) insurance Specialist will have the knowledge, experience, professional service, and benefits advocate support you need and deserve. 


At Delington Financial and Insurance Services, we specialize in identifying and providing solutions for Medicare- Medi-Cal (Share of Cost) eligible members with regard to their Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D -Prescription Drug plan options.  

By utilizing and an efficient (Free) consultation, along with an effective educational approach, we help eligible Medicare – Medi-Cal (Share of Cost) members gain a better understanding of the numerous Medicare Insurance options available in the industry today, and how those Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug benefits work with Original Medicare Part A & B and Medi-Cal (Share of Cost) health plans, with successful measures. 

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NO COST TO YOU, as we are hired and compensated by the insurance companies to take care of you. 



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