What is your vision for retirement?

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Planning for a retirement that enables you to live comfortably throughout your retirement years, can become challenging when it comes to key-critical retirement risks that could possibly impact your financial security and independence if left unattended.  As people are living longer, because of your retirement age, health, and skill set which might prevent you from doing so, you really can’t rely on continuing to work, throughout your retirement years.


At Delington Financial and Insurance Services, our process begins with a comprehensive examination, and detailed evaluation of your current financial health.   By concentrating on securing your retirement planning goals, our focus will remain on addressing and illustrating but not limited to: the present and future effects of increasing tax rates and how those rates can affect your monthly retirement income, or how the inflated cost of living can affect your retirement savings purchasing power, or proactively preparing for an unexpected long-term care expense in order to avoid depleting your retirement savings. 

In addition, we’ll remain committed to working with you by helping you address your personal retirement planning challenges with value-added guidance, so you can plan to maintain and or strengthen your present and future retirement financial foundation every step of the way.

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Establishing a formal written retirement plan will allow you to

monitor, adjust, and become more focused

on reaching your retirement planning goals.

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We'll help you make sure you have the money

to do what you want to do throughout your retirement.

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