Child at the Dentist




According to studies conducted by the American Dental Association, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Failure, and Oral Cancer are confirmed to be linked to bad oral hygiene. Furthermore, irregular visits to the dentist has a potential risk of experiencing a respiratory disease. With your overall health potentially at risk, a deficiency in regular visits to a dentist or an oral care specialist can result in life-threating, health altering side effects. 


At Delington Financial & Insurance Services, our goal is to offer a variety of dental insurance options, customized to fit your personal and financial needs with dental insurance benefits designed with no annual maximum coverage limits in addition to no pre-existing condition waiting periods. As a bonus our dental insurance discount plans provide large extended networks of friendly-professional dentist and specialist to choose from and who participate in these types of dental insurance discount options.  

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 "Your wholesome smile-can be an excellent sign of good health" 

Does it make financial sense to invest in dental insurance or a dental discount plan that offers significant financial protection?